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The Corps In This Competition

Reading Buccaneers

The Reading Buccaneers is an organization rich in history and tradition. The corps was organized in 1957, as a parade corps by “age-outs” of various local junior corps and veterans of WWII and Korea. The corps soon embarked upon field competitions in the 1958 season. The Buccaneers rose to the top quickly, winning three consecutive VFW Championships in 1960, 1961, and 1962. When DCA was formed, the Bucs continued their success, becoming the first DCA Champions in 1965. Since that time, the Buccaneers have won the DCA title 12 more times to become the most decorated corps in DCA history. In the last several years the Buccaneers enjoyed unprecedented competitive success, completing 6 consecutive undefeated championship seasons from 2005 through 2010. After a 2nd place finish in the 2011 championships, the Buccaneers reclaimed the title in 2012 and 2013. While it is true that the Buccaneers have had their share of glory in competition over the years, we are most proud of the thousands of people who have shared in the drum and bugle corps experience as part of the Buccaneer family. Many members have gone on to rewarding careers in music as educators, teachers, performers, and composers. Most have gone on with their lives and careers remembering fondly and speaking proudly of their days as a member of the Reading Buccaneers.

Cadets 2

Cadets2 takes a different approach to drum corps than The 10-time DCI World Champion Cadets due to the level of time commitment, but the corps is managed very much the same. There is an expectation of excellence, a clear intention that the image of The Cadets is maintained, and a promise from the organization that Cadets2 will operate with the same degree of quality as all of YEA!’s programs.

For so many, the time commitment and cost of a World-Class drum corps just isn’t possible. The Cadets2 program gives brass, percussion and colorguard performers a place to experience The Cadets in a different capacity. They learn from some of the best teachers in the activity, they have the infrastructure of YEA!’s team to provide much needed support, but of course, there are less financial pressure and less time commitment.

White Sabers

The White Sabers Drum and Bugle Corps was organized in 1928 under the sponsorship of the American Legion Daniel Goho Post #87 from Dansville, NY and later became independent in 1957. In 1994, after about 14 years of absence from the drum corps world, several former White Sabers members organized an alumni reunion, and an interest in performing was revived. In 2005, the White Sabers returned to the field as a competitive Class A drum corps. The following year, we competed and placed second in our first DCA World Championships in Rochester, NY on September 3, 2006. This was only our second attempt at competing in the preliminary competition to make it into finals. The membership dedicated their finals performance at the night show to Pete and Leslie Amico in deep appreciation of their supporting efforts in helping make this drum corps dream come true. The White Sabers are a two time back to back DCA Class A world champions. The future of the White Sabers looks bright as they continue to complete in DCA Open Class.

Fusion Core

Formed in 2007, Fusion was successful in earning High Caption Awards in Brass, Visual and Guard at the 2008 Championships. In 2010 the Core earned the Class A Championship title with High Caption Awards in Visual Effect, Music Effect, Brass & Color Guard. 2011 the Core placed in the top ten making history as one of the first Class A Corps to earn a voting right within the DCA Organization. Completing its 8th year in 2014, placing 4th in the Open Class Division of DCA with a score of 94.40 and winning high color guard and showmanship award for percussion battery, we are excited to continue to expand upon the standards set and championship caliber instruction which has brought us to this juncture.

Fusion is governed by an Administration and Board of Directors who volunteer their time, knowledge and experience in order to provide the best drum corps experience to all our members; no one on either the Board or Administration receive any form of compensation. Fusion Core brings young adults ages 14 and up together to accomplish a common goal. Through teamwork, dedication, perseverance and the pursuit of personal excellence we all enjoy the sport of Drum Corps.

Erie Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds were formed in Meadville, Pennsylvania in 1956 as a parade corps and in 1968 joined with members of the Shoreliners Drum and Bugle corps from North East, Pennsylvania to form The Erie Thunderbirds.

In 2017, the Erie Thunderbirds took on their first show in June traveling to Scranton, PA. The corps competed in DCI All-Age for the first time as well as participation in SDCA and many other DCA events. The Thunderbirds placed 3rd in Class A Finals with a final score of 77.33. The Thunderbirds Small Brass ensemble also placed 4th at the Individual and Ensemble competition.